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What the *-&! is wrong with my plant?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Beyond frustrated because the damn plant that you oh so carefully chose just doesn't seem to like you? Excitedly making your way to the farmers market or garden store on a beautiful sunny day, inspecting all the interesting plants, finding the perfect one. Making sure it fits your home, your exposure, your conditions and your aesthetic. Then lovingly caring for it, potting it up, fertilizing, pruning off dead leaves, remembering to water. Its a lot of work!

Yet still, after all this, most obnoxious of obnoxious your beloved plant drags, barely putting on growth, yellowing, dropping leaves, aborting flowers. So you research, adjust your care, remind yourself to water, fertilize appropriately. And still, nothing! No pretty flowers, no lush greeness, no tremendous growth. With frustration mounting and just wanting to be done with the responsibility, you chuck the damn thing, wash your hands and declare you are not a plant person. Never to purchase a plant again. Sound familiar?

I have great news.


Sometimes plants are jerks.

Sometimes they won't do what they are supposed to do regardless of what you do. Sometimes plants are picky, so picky in fact that the best gardeners out there struggle and often fail to help them thrive. Sometimes that particular plant wasn't propagated properly, didn't ever put on sufficient root growth, or wasn't handled properly before it arrived in your home. Sometimes (or mostly always) plant tags bend the truth to make the care more appealing to the prospective buyer. Usually there is nothing you can do if you get one of these particular specimens. The great news then is its ok to chuck that plant before you get frustrated. Rogue that thing out! Get a more agreeable plant, pick a different style entirely and try again. You will find a plant friend that loves your home and loves you. And surprisingly it will be easy. I promise. The important thing to remember is that all these plants are disposable, they compost readily and decompose fully. There is no shame in swapping one for another, and it does not mean that your not a plant person, it will come, start with a plant that works for you.

Begin with investing in quality pots and hardscape materials. Simple leaf offers tons of options, cement pots, glass pots and terrariums, stained glass, all sorts of ceramic pieces, lots of options for air plants, macrame, hanging glass, we have found wood pieces, moss, gemstones, decorative accents, resin gems it goes on and on. We never offer the same pieces, everything is handmade and reusable. With every piece you will get all you need to start your quality materials collection, plus a quality plant. If you need another quality plant we offer that too! The beauty of our collection is it will look good with any plant you chose.

You can have a kaleidoscope of plant texture, form, colour and size in your life. For inspiration the pictures I have included in this blog are of the same terrarium and materials, only the plant has changed. Let only your imagination limit you!

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