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The Beauty of Unusual Houseplants

Adding a few rare and unique houseplants to your urban jungle can be a rewarding experience.

Limited space fills up fast - So, we all know the huge benefits that houseplants bring, we simply need them in our lives. But It seems like we never have enough space in our homes, so it only makes sense that what we allocate for plants can be limited (maybe its a kitchen windowsill or the edge of a brightly lit shelf). Don't just grab the first thing that comes along though, that sad little spider plant from the corner store is pretty boring right? Why not fill those precious niches with the unique and unusual? Use the space that you do have to display plants that you feel connected to (through: design, rarity, history, origin locations, sentiment, maintenance needs, climate requirements, or simply the eye-catching ingenious beauty of a particular ones natural form).

Plant collection is a time honoured addiction - I think we all love pointing out the uncommon, we want the people around us to see what we see, just checkout how many pics we post of rare plants (#rareplants #plantcollection #succulents #cactus #plantlife and sooo many more). The cool thing is that we've been doing this for some time. The oldest record of plant collection goes all the way back to 1495 bc (when Queen Hatshepsut sent a delegation to Somalia for incense trees). And just look at all the fantastic stories of botanical giants and plant hunters like Banks, Douglas and Von Humboldt. I could literally go on about this for hours and there are some amazing books out there all about it, but the point that I was trying to make was why not have a mini collection of the unlikely that is all your own? A modern curiosity cabinet of plant life? Maybe it's tons of different forms of air plants all displayed on a beautiful shelf, or stag's head ferns on a statement wall, or what about a selection of living stone Lithops on a sunny sill? Go wild!

Entrance to a unique community - With just a small investment of your own time and money (keep in mind that finding unusual plants is often more about tracking a certain plant down rather than flashing the cash) you can make connections with likeminded people and join a thriving and unique community of #plantpeople. In a world where we often have our faces glued to technology how nice is it to have a conversation with another human being about something that's so connected to the earth and nature?

So, what are you waiting for? get out there and start curating your own collection of singular plants that bring you joy.

- Sara-Jane & Alicia

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