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Terrarium Love - 7 reasons we all need one (or many) in our lives

At Simple Leaf Design we make and sell a lot of terrariums, and is it any wonder? We humans (and particularly, urban dwelling humans) have an innate love for these mini gardens. Here's a few reasons why we feel such a deep connection to terrariums.

1.Size. Terrariums by definition are tiny in nature. While the space in our homes is getting smaller all the time, there is always room for a terrarium (think mason jar on an apartment windowsill).

2.Easy care. No matter what kind of terrarium you choose, they are in essence low maintenance. Although they do require water and light (depending on the type of plants in them) they are enclosed so they can be left for longer periods of time than most potted houseplants.

3.Plant variety. Loads of plant life lends itself to a terrarium. In fact, the very best ones recreate the specific conditions of real climates in a tiny version. Think of a teeny dessert with cacti and a sandscape, or a magical woodland filled with moss, ferns and tree bark. There are so many possibilities!

4.Design. They can recreate a certain style to match your decor. From a sleek modern glass bowl with minimal lines and a single specimen plant, to a hand blown vessel that rests on a driftwood stand and contains a whole jungle of plant life. The feeling and aesthetic of your terrarium is up to you.

5.Creativity. make your own tiny world. Terrariums often have additions other than plants: figurines and miniature statues, gem stones, rocks, twigs and driftwood as well as other found objects will all add to the fun. So let your creativity flow.

6.Mental health. Plants in general improve so many aspects of our health. They help reduce anxiety and promote a feeling of wellbeing and calm. They can also give us a sense of ownership and space when we live in an urban environment. We all get lost at certain times in our lives but plants can help boost our moods and anchor us in the best way possible.

7.Physical health. While they clean the air in our homes, increase oxygen and reduce pollution, plants also give our eyes a rest (green is literally in the middle of the light spectrum). They allow us a chance to balance and calm our bodies, what could be better?

So bring one home and see what it can do for you!

-Sara-Jane & Alicia at simpleleafdesign.com (say hello on instagram at simpleleafdesign2)

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