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Once upon a time...

Last year I starting thinking hard about what was important to me about Horticulture. What I loved about it. I realized through much soul seeking and silent observation that I had lost my passion, that deep connection to the artistic drive that created meaningful work. I had a desire for newness, to explore a style that was completely foreign to me. I yearned for the challenge of something unmastered. My friend and colleague felt the same. We were no longer challenged by our work, and found it difficult to grow and learn within the confines of our current positions. Simple leaf design became our outlet for this new, vibrant, fully immersive and creative outpouring of our skills and knowledge. Through trial and error we found what worked both in integrity and quality. We knew we wanted to create something that would delight and intrigue others. We started with plants (what horticulturist wouldn't?) by sourcing exciting and different plants, such as our bohdi trees grown from seed or our rare tropicals collection.

Terrariums offered a solution to what was most important to us. Unique, one of a kind pieces that are both beautiful and serene, presenting different scenes from every angle, offering up so much to observe. We could create terrariums that were in themselves mini rainforests, a tiny ecosystem all its own. We found shells, stones and driftwood, macrame, glassware and ceramic, we scavenged what we could, took what was broken or discarded and fixed it, or created our own.

As we developed, concrete and resin became media that we found particularly interesting to work with. So much is offered with both of these. Concrete can be smooth and silky, or worn and rough, texture and appearance can vary greatly by adding natural fibers, charcoal, perilite, etc. you name it, we tried it! Painting concrete can change the feeling one gets just by looking at the piece. Like how a metallic pot with a simple succulent differs from a rough, rather imperfect pot with a spilling, jubilant leafy fern. Both take you somewhere, both are equally beautiful. This is what we strive for in everything we create, beauty and joy in the perfectly imperfect. That special one of a kind, handcrafted piece forged of careful and deliberate thought. We want what we offer to bring you the same joy we get in creating it. Minutes are not counted, hours go unnoticed, tasks are not budgeted, we simply imagine and create. We offer the best of ourselves. Welcome to Simple Leaf Design.

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