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Hey you, with the brown thumb...meet Sansevieria!

Aka snake plant, mother-in-laws tongue, whale fin etc this plant is one tough little beauty.

Bird's nest sansevieria by jordan's jungle

I can't tell you how many times that I've heard, 'I love plants but they sure don't love me' or 'I'd buy a plant but I kill them'. Well friends, it's time to turn that brown thumb, green!

Whale fin sansevieria by the peoples plants

Sansevieria is THE plant to get you started on your journey into urban jungle goddess/god. It's super easy care, in fact it thrives in conditions that might damage other houseplants. They're great in most light conditions (even very low light) and don't require much water (maybe once every few weeks, they hate wet feet so wait for soil to dry between waterings).

Sansevieria has also been tested by the likes of NASA and listed as a top air purifier capable of removing toxins from indoor areas (and space shuttles). They produce higher levels of oxygen at night which makes them a great addition to a bedroom (but keep in mind they are toxic if ingested by pets and humans, so place them in a safe spot).

Now that we've established that anyone can learn to care for a sansevieria, I'll tell you that my favourite thing about them is their architectural look. Ultra modern with simple lines and yet some how prehistoric looking at the same time, they are super unique. Once you get to know the sansevieria family (there are over 70 species) you will always be able to pick them out of a plant line up.

There's also a ton of really great, unique varieties available. You may have heard names like, snake plant or mother-in-laws tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata) but there's also; whale/shark fin (Sansevieria masoniana), bird's nest (also trifasciata), starfish (Sansevieria cylindrica), walking sansevieria (Sansevieria pinguicula) and what we at Simple Leaf call the unicorn horn (a single Sansevieria mikado).

And, if you're a bit of a plant nerd (like us) check out this amazing article chock full of all kinds of great additional information about the sansevieria family at In Defense of plants (their articles are the bomb if you love plant facts).

So take a chance with a sansevieria of your choosing, because everyone can grow something, even you with the brown thumb ;)

Sara-Jane & Alicia at simpleleafdesig.com (or visit us on instagram at simpleleafdesign2)

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